Para Football - Injury Surveilance Study (ISS)


Collecting data about injuries suffered by players across the various formats of Para Football underpins the commitment of our International Federations to ensure the game is as safe as possible.

Para Football seeks to collate injury surveillance data from international competitions around the world under the auspices of each International Federation. This approach will help by providing a more detailed picture of injury risk across the game. As well as expanding the scope for injury research across Para Football, it is important that data from different settings are collected as consistently as possible. To support this effort, Para Football have created an Injury Surveillance Study questionnaire.


Injury Surveilance Study (ISS) questionnaire

Please select from the below formats of Para Football to access the Injury Surveilance Study questionnaire.

Down Syndrome

  • Down Syndrome Football

Hearing Impairment

  • Deaf Football

Intellectual Impairment

  • Intellectual Impairment Football

Vision Impairment

  • Blind Football
  • Partially Sighted Football

Mental Health

  • Mental Health Football

Physical Impairments

  • Amputee Football
  • CP Football
  • Dwarf Football
  • Frame Football
  • Powerchair Football
  • Skate Soccer


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