Play the game

Every person with disabilities is unique and has their own perspective on how they want to be included and how they want to interact with the game of football.

Through Para Football, we aim to empower every individual to play football the way they choose which may be in the following different ways.

  • Mainstream Football

  • Modified Football

  • Pan-Disability Football

Impairment Specific Adapted Football

  • Amputee Football

  • Blind Football

  • Cerebral Palsy Football

  • Deaf Football

  • Down Syndrome Football

  • Dwarf Football

  • Frame Football

  • Intellectual Impairment Football

  • Mental Health Football

  • Partially Sighted Football

  • Powerchair Football

  • Skate Soccer

Donate to Para Football

By making a donation, you can support Para Football to offer more programmes, develop projects and create more opportunities worldwide for persons with disabilities to play football.