U Matter through Para Football

Leading a healthy and fulfilling life starts with feeling you matter. Feeling you matter is uplifting and joyful. Just as intense, are feelings that you don’t matter. That you are invisible, silenced, marginalised and disrespected.

In partnership with the U Matter project, we aim to highlight the importance of Para Football for persons with disabilities, and how it changes peoples’ lives for the better.

Para Football, as a worldwide body of football for persons with disabilities, aims to promote inclusive football opportunities and showcase different ways for persons with disabilities to play and be part of the beautiful game of football.

Player Stories

Read some of the stories so far from players in Para Football:

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About U Matter

U Matter is a global project that seeks to better understand how feeling you matter to others and them to you, is essential to:

  • Feeling valued and respected.
  • Feeling you belong and are connected to others.
  • Leading well.
  • Achieving your personal best.

The purpose of the project is to positively strengthen and transform lives through everyday acts of mattering. Feeling that you matter to someone and that your actions are noticed and appreciated by others, is central to our sense of self-worth and identity. In turn, this effects the part we play in society and our wellbeing. 

So what can you do today to help someone’s voice be heard?

And ……

What can you do today to help someone feel they matter?

What is your story?

We are looking for positive stories of everyday acts of mattering, which are linked to Para Football and persons with disabilities. 

These stories can be in the form of videos or written stories with photos. 

They are about what was said, what was done and the difference made by Para Football. We are seeking to reach out to everyone.

In your story you would need to explain:

  • What happened?
  • Who was involved? 
  • How did you feel before and after? 
  • What did it make you go on to do?



Sharing your story

If you would like to share your story of the difference Para Football has played in your life and how it helped you to feel you matter, please get in touch.


What we will need:

Your story in written format with a minimum of 2-3 photos


Video clip(s) of you telling your story which can be edited


We can arrange a Zoom interview to record your story

Submit my story