Para Football Steering Board

Para Football’s Steering Board, is made up of the international federations responsible for their sport’s worldwide governance and development, ensuring a united approach to provide football for all.



Working together through Para Football, this cooperation and collaborative approach will create more effective and sustainable ways of working, along with increasing the awareness of all ways to play football. Each federation brings a wealth of experience, skills, and expertise to the partnership, creating a platform of teamwork for the positive development of the game.

Para Football Steering Board members

International Federations (IFs)

Members of the Para Football Steering Board:

Further international federations may be added to the Steering Board as we move forward


International Organisations of Sport for the Disabled (IOSD)

Supporting the Steering Board as observer/non-voting members are the additional IOSDs who are not the International Federation for a format of football:




Para Football Steering Board members


Para Football has brought together the International Federations (IFs) governing the different types of football for persons with disabilities to be part of our Para Football Steering Board.

As recognised federations they contribute to the development of football opportunities and have goals that are aligned with the Vision and Mission of Para Football.

Membership is open to International Federations who are the worldwide governing body of a format of football for persons with disabilities. The purpose of the cooperation is to work collaboratively and strategically for the development, growth and improved recognition of Para Football globally.




  • To share ideas, good practice and to work collaboratively to grow opportunities in football for all players with a disability
  • To be sensitive to the individual circumstances faced by each member of the international federation, but to support and to work in the interests of the wider Para Football landscape.
  • To foster a relationship with football governing bodies including but not limited to FIFA (the world governing body for football), 6 regional confederations and National Associations/Federations.
  • To foster a relationship with Para Sport governing bodies including but not limited to the IPC (the world governing body for para sport), 5 regional committees and National Paralympic Committees (NPC).