Adidas Football Collective supports Para Football

Adidas Football Collective supports Para Football

  • 18 May 2022

Para Football has been selected by the Adidas Football Collective and UEFA Champions League as an organisation who has made a real and lasting contribution to our communities. From requests for support from almost 1500 communities across Europe, we were chosen as one of 100 winners based on our commitment to breaking down barriers within the game.

“The best players in the world all began their careers in grassroots clubs and communities. Without the inspiring work of the people behind these teams, my own career would have been very different. I’d like to say a personal thank you to them all for helping to protect the future of our game.”

Jürgen Klopp


How will this support Para Football?

As a worldwide body supporting the development of all formats of Para Football, we are using this support from the adidas Football Collective to launch a new online learning platform.

To make a real difference which is long-term, sustainable and directly impacts the very grassroots of the game, Para Football's online learning platform will support people in all roles of delivering and developing football for persons with disabilities, be it as a player, coach, referee.. or anyone helping to grow the game.

"Being selected, supported and recognised by the adidas Football Collective is a huge statement of the positive work currently going on around the world in Para Football. So many amazing people in different continents, countries and communities give their time, experience and passion to ensure #FootballForAll, and through this new learning platform we hope to offer them the support they need to do this."

Sam Turner - Para Football


Where can I find out more?

Para Football are currently developing the platform and first introduction course which we hope to release in a few weeks time. We will be working with International Federations, National Football Associations and partner organisations to develop further learning opportunities in the future.


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