Developing Coach Educators for Bangladesh

Developing Coach Educators for Bangladesh

  • 09 October 2022

Bangladesh Para Football Federation have started the development of coach educators to deliver workshops and courses for coaches, teachers, players and parents across Bangladesh to create greater awareness of the opportunities available for persons with disabilities in football.

Para Football are supporting BPFF with 'Train the Trainer' workshops to share knowledge, experience and expertise, but also to create a coach education programme that is right for Bangladesh. As part of a worldwide connected network of International Federations, National Football Associations / Federations and expert partners across football & disability inclusion, we are stronger together and making a real difference for persons with disabilities.


Bangladesh Para Football Federation

"First of all, thanks to Para Football Network especially Mr. Sam for launching Coach Educators program in Bangladesh. With any initiative started in a third world country like Bangladesh, it is not possible to maintain its continuity due to various reasons. As a result, the far-reaching consequences are not received that we see in the developed world."

"In a country like ours there is a lack of adequate knowledge about Para Football amongst families and even organizers who work with persons with disabilities. From this recently started programme, not only the coaches but also the families, people with disabilities, organizers and other professionals working with them will be benefited.

Lastly, I firmly believe that if we can continue this type of programme, the Para Football in Bangladesh will be successful in the long term. Above all, people with disabilities and their families will be benefited as well as society and the state will be more inclusive for all."

Md. Badiuzzaman Al-Amin - Founder of Bangladesh Para Football Federation


Inclusion by choice

Part of the Para Football philosophy is to provide #FootballForAll persons with disabilities, but to delve further than looking inclusive, and instead providing inclusion by choice. Through increasin awareness and developing a range of pathways and opportunities, persons with disabilities can choose how they wish to play and interact with the game of football.


"We are so proud that our country is launching different types of football under the name "Para Football" in our sweet country Bangladesh.
The purpose of the cooperation is to work in collaboration and strategically for the development of children and improved opportunities for person with disabilities in Bangladesh football."

"We hope it will continue in a long way and continue growing the Para Football game.This football opportunity will be enjoyed by players, parents, coaches, organizers, and spectators also. I give special thanks to Para Football, they are supporting us. Thanks everybody.

MD Abdur Razzaque - Bangladesh Para Football Federation Coach Educator & Special Olympics Head Coach


"Guided by the Bangladesh Para Football Federation, we are supporting them to develop support and education for people in all roles of developing and delivering football for persons with disabilities. This initiative is about sharing the key information that will make the difference and empower people to get behind Para Football in all communities of Bangladesh."

"Under the leadership of Md. Badiuzzaman Al-Amin, Para Football in Bangladesh continues to go from strength to strength. With the support of AFC A Licence Coach, MD Abdur Razzaque who is highly experienced in Special Olympics and coaching in many different countries, coach education will make a meaningful impact and support the continued growth of the game."

Sam Turner - Para Football.

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