Para Football teams up with EFDN to promote disability inclusion

  • 08 September 2021

The European Football Development Network (EFDN) is partnering with Para Football to bring knowledge, best practice and experience on football for persons with disabilities to its network members.

EFDN is a football and social responsibility network consisting of professional football clubs, leagues and FAs who are committed to their communities and social responsibilities and have the passion to cooperate and engage on a European level. The network aims to promote the power of football as a tool for social development and support the efforts of the network members in their initiatives to use football to reach out to various target groups in their communities. This creates a collaborative environment for knowledge sharing in order to develop a diversity of training methods that will directly benefit communities throughout Europe.


EFDN Foundation CEO Hubert Rovers, shares EFDN’s support for Para Football:

“We are looking forward to creating new opportunities for our football clubs, leagues and FAs through the partnership with Para Football. Many network members offer already programmes that promote inclusion and work together with other stakeholders. We want to use the existing knowledge and share it across Europe to make football accessible to everyone.”


Para Football is a worldwide foundation that works with national football associations/federations to develop inclusive opportunities in football at world, regional and national levels. Supporting the creation of connected, sustainable and player-centred programmes, Para Football brings together experienced individuals and partners to provide high quality support and guidance tailored to assist each Para Football stakeholder.


It is our mission to ‘Ensure opportunity for persons with disabilities to participate on an equal basis with others in football’. Para Football’s Steering Board, made up of the international federations governing the different types of football for persons with disabilities, ensures a united approach to develop and provide football for all.


Para Football Business Development Manager Freddy Farhat said:

“At Para Football we aim to create a shift in focus, highlighting the abilities of our players, and emphasising the diverse network of persons with disabilities who choose to play the beautiful game in a variety of ways. What better way to highlight this than partnering with EFDN, the go-to organisation when It comes to social responsibility in European football. Collectively, we will work through this unique network to ensure a more inclusive and diverse football across Football Clubs, Associations and Leagues."


Together, EFDN and Para Football will engage a wide range of stakeholders across Europe, supporting the exchange of knowledge, experience and learning to positively develop football opportunities for persons with disabilities across Europe and beyond.


Click here to visit the EFDN Website

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