Keru (蹴る) - KICK A powerchair football documentary

  • 13 September 2021

"Nobody can stop them" "Nobody can best them"

Powerchair Football documentary movie DVD "Kick" has been released! Following the Paralympic Games taking place in Tokyo, Japan brings you the sport of Powerchair Football.

They don't kick the ball with their feet, but they do put their lives on the line to play football. Filmed over a period of six years, this feature-length documentary follows the lives of severely disabled Japanese powerchair athletes as they give it all to play in the FIPFA Powerchair Football World Cup.

Capturing the athletes' day-to-day battles for a place in the Japan national squad, "Kick" also provides a look at their form off the field; their love their pains, their passion for the sports, and the emotional conflict it brings.

"Kick" is how they live.

The DVD released includes the main story with Japanese subtitles and audio guides so that people with hearing and visual disabilities can watch it. The bonus footage is full of unreleased footage! This DVD can be enjoyed not only by those who have not seen it, but also by those who have already watched the movie!


"Kick" A powerchair football documentary / English subtitled

Please click here to view "Kick" with English subtitles


Powerchair Football - Japan

To find out more about Powerchair Football and other football opportunities for persons with disabilities in Japan, visit the website of Para Football Role Model FA, the Japan Inclusive Football Federation, click here

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