It brings out the hidden talents and athletic sides of me

  • 03 December 2020

"As a kid I was passionate about playing football, especially with my fellow school kids, but everything came to a standstill as a result of polio."


Lawal bin Muhammad was born on the 15th May 1979, in Salaga which is part of the Northern region of Ghana.

"At the age of ten years I became victim of Polio whilst just in my primary years. After a brief illness which lasted just three weeks, I was unable to stand on my feet. I was admitted to hospital where I was received treatment and undergoing a rehabilitation process, but couldn't walk. The rest is history."

Eight years down the line, crawling on the ground to move from one place to another, a fellow disabled friend advised him to try using a skate board to aid his mobility.

"That's when I started playing Skate Soccer. Playing Skate Soccer has impacted positively in my life through various ways such as it brings out the hidden talents and athletic sides of me. it has exposd me to different international TV stations like CNN, FIFA Tv, German Tv, Super Sports and DS TV. it has given me the opportunity to know and mingle with people of high profile in the society which I wouldn't have had the chance to meet."

"I am a student and also a Skate Soccer player."

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