Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond - KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association)

The Royal Dutch Football Association is the governing body of football in Netherlands.

The KNVB stands for courage, passion, creativity, connection and innovation in football. Our mission rests on five pillars: competitive balance, development & innovation, events, World Coaches and new rules of play.

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The KNVB and many volunteers in our country have been working seriously for a long time to allow these categories to enjoy a game of football. And not on the sidelines, no, just active, in the field, in a team. Just like everyone else.

Football is accessible to everyone, but for a large group of Dutch people it is less easy to find the way to the local football club. For football enthusiasts with a physical and/or mental disability, adjustments are needed so that they can also play football. For example, through extra guidance or with appropriate football offer in the area so that everyone can play football at his or her own level.

Role Model FA

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By making a donation, you can support Para Football to offer more programmes, develop projects and create more opportunities worldwide for persons with disabilities to play football.