Fundaci贸n Argentina de Inclusi贸n y Deporte

Para Sport plays an important role in providing meaningful physical activity. The Argentine Foundation of Inclusion and Sport will strive to ensure that people with disabilities reach their full potential, together with sports, education and health.

Founded in June 2022, our structure is based on generating and participating in exciting actions in collaboration with key partners to develop opportunities and transform them into a more inclusive society.

About Fundaci贸n Argentina de Inclusi贸n y Deporte

The Argentine Foundation for Inclusion and Sport will work closely with the different provinces of Argentina, countries in the Americas and the World to help improve the lives of people with disabilities.

FAID is a role model for Para Sport in the Americas, showcasing and sharing its experience and great work to support countries around the world. Currently our Foundation is working with the Club Estudiantes de La Plata, the Andar Football Club Foundation, the Inclusive Football League and other organizations and provinces of our country, through our mission, vision and values with the aim of sharing ideas, being sensitive to the circumstances faced by each national and international Federation, to support and work together.

About Fundaci贸n Argentina de Inclusi贸n y Deporte

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