Japan Inclusive Football Federation (JIFF) 一般社団法人日本障がい者サッカー連盟

JIFF is a related organization of the Japan Football Association (JFA). Promoting the realization of the vision and the strengthening and dissemination of football for people of disabilities. JIFF is committed to governing and developing the sport of football in line with their respective mission and objectives and collaborate with Para Football.

Founded in April 2016, JIFF was the world’s first affiliated national football federation dedicated to persons with a disabilities.

About JIFF

"JIFF attempts to create an inclusive society through football that ensures equal and active participation for all, where everyone, regardless of his or her disabilities, is able to benefit from the joy of sports."

JIFF was established on April 1st, 2016 with the aim of creating an inclusive society through football. As an affiliated member of Japan Football Association (JFA), JIFF functions as an intermediary body and works in conjunction with its 7 member associations to create an environment where anyone can enjoy football anytime, anywhere

About JIFF

National Federations

  • Japan Amputee Football Association (JAFA)

  • Japan Cerebral Palsy Football Association (JCPFA)

  • Japan Social Football Association(JSFA)

  • Japan Football Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disability(JFFID)

  • Japan Powerchair Football Association(JPFA)

  • Japan Blind Football Association(JBFA)

  • Japan Deaf Football Association(JDFA)

Role Model FA

As the world’s first affiliated national football federation dedicated to persons with a disabilities, the Japan Inclusive Football Federation is the coordinating body for Para Football, bringing together 7 national federations of impairment specific footbal formats.

JIFF is a Para Football Role Model FA, showcasing and sharing their experience and great work to support other countries from around the world. JIFF have supported our 'Para Football in West Asia' programme, assisting the 12 countries in West Asia.

Role Model FA

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